Indlæser Begivenheder
Denne begivenhed er allerede afholdt.

For wisdom and wholeness

In this gentle, attentive and healing workshop you will have the opportunity to feel, nurture and build the feminine energy of Shakti by bringing awareness and presence into your womb space.

Your womb space is a vital energy centre. It is the source of your intuition, connection, creativity, sexuality and vitality.

In this workshop we will be slowing down through meditative inquiry and meditative shaking, which helps release blocked emotions. This will be followed by a slow flow sequence and we will end with a long healing savasana.

The workshop is for everyone, no yoga experience is needed. It is an invitation to experience how energies dance in and around your body. This cultivates a deep inner stillness, which your nervous system will thank you for.

Lakshmih Moon will be your guide, her experience includes working with deep feminine practices to release trauma and wounding from the body. She is a psycho- therapist with a focus on sexology.