Indlæser Begivenheder

The 108 Sun Salutations Workshop

Join this workshop on January 29, 2022 from 11-1pm with Thomas Bentil and Sarah Palshof.
Set your intentions for the New Year with a celebratory practice of 108 Sun Salutations. Sun Salutations are meant to show gratitude to the sun and bring its energy into our bodies. It revitalizes the spirit and refreshes the mind. Join us for this amazing 108 Sun Salutations workshop meant to link our breath with movement, creating a moving meditation, inhaling to welcome renewal, and exhaling to let go of what no longer serves us. Start off the year with gratitude and excitement.

What can I expect from this class?

This class will be energizing, challenging, not heated, and will last 2 hours. We will breakdown, step-by-step, the full Sun Salutation A sequence. Each pose in that sequence will be examined. By the end of the workshop, we will have completed 108 Sun Salutations! Ample breaks will be given and although it is encouraged, no one is required to do all 108.


All levels of Yogi’s are welcome. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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