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In this world of rush, unearth the power of Yin plus Yang Yoga and its profound impact on the mind, body, and soul as you venture on an exciting path of insight, knowledge, and understanding. The Yin practice embodies a meditative and slow-paced approach to yoga, allowing for an enlightening exploration of the self to unfold. Yin Yoga gives the opportunity to restore health, release trapped emotions, and connect with the real you. Originating from the Taoist concepts of Yin and Yang, this detailed training will provide you with the tools to incorporate these elements into your practice and help you become a skilled instructor in Yin Yoga. Whereas Hatha Yoga will bring to you the traditional essence of practicing yoga. This 50-hour training is perfect for both yoga beginners as this will deliver you with highly functional approach to being a Yin and Yang Yoga practitioner or teacher.

You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the principles of Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga and how to practice in a safe way.
  • Learn various Hatha and Yin poses and their variations.
  • Skillfully practice and modify the the poses.
  • Identify the target area of every yoga asana.
  • Learn how to use props during your classes.
  • Learn how to balance a Yin and Yang Yoga practice.
  • Build a creative and effective yoga sequences with different options and variations.
  • Deepen your knowledge about the energetic body and Chakras.
  • Learn how to teach breathing exercise, meditation and a pranayama session.
  • Basic Anatomy Applied to Yoga.
  • Create transformational classes that deliver a beautiful experience.

Whats included?

  • Free Yin and Hatha classes in Hot Yoga Studio
  • Yin /Hatha beginner Yoga Teaching Manual
  • Guidelines on how to sequence your sessions
  • Official certification from Hot Yoga Denmark

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